The main form of video conferencing over the past 10 years, has been to use ISDN. However, video conferencing over IP can provide many advantages, both in terms of cost and flexibility. Under ISDN, a call needs to be set up in advance where someone is physically operating the bridge to route the calls, usually with a specially designed video conference room. With an IP solution, although the video conference room can be kept if desired, there is no need to prebook calls, which can simply be made at the press of a button, in much the same way as making an ordinary telephone call. People can also join in the call from their desktop, remotely from home, or indeed from a hotel room. There are no extra charges for making calls, unlike with ISDN, so costs are much easier to control, no matter how often the facility is used.

There are other savings which can be made such as voice over IP, where the phone system can be integrated, thus enabling free calls between locations.

If an ISDN solution is currently being used and you are interested in changing over to IP, there is usually no huge capital outlay as the majority of existing equipment in use today is both IP and ISDN compatible.

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