With the advent of broadband connectivity connecting to the Internet has never been faster. The Internet is increasingly more sophisticated with many sites offering video and other multimedia. Normal modems cannot get the information to your computer quickly enough. The high speed Internet uses a different technology that allows much faster connection speeds - approximately ten times the speed of the fastest modem. It also means that you can use your ordinary telephone line for calls while being permanently connected to the Internet for a set monthly fee, no matter how much you use it.

For the home user we can provide a 500 Kbs link, while for the business user we can provide up to 8Mbs on an ADSL line. We can also provide SHDSL, were symmetric speeds of data can provide equal upstream and downstream. This makes video conferencing over IP a realistic alternative to using ISDN.

ADSL and connected services are currently being rolled out throughout the UK. To find out which services are available in your area, please contact us for a free quote. Either email us at info@bbconnect.co.uk, or contact us on 020-8543-5228.