For home users we can supply 512 Kbs ADSL line (subject to line test), at a cost of 22.99* per month (incl. VAT). We can offer a static IP address included in that price, along with fax to email service and 250 Mb of web space.

The high speed ADSL line will work approximately ten faster than a telephone modem. You will be able to download music or games from the Internet in a matter of minutes rather than hours. Online shopping will no longer mean sitting in front of the computer while you wait for your next choice to download. All this for a set monthly fee of 22.99, no matter how long you stay online!

To join up now, please fill in the online application form and you can be connected with 10 working days. If you would like further information first please either email us at, or talk to one of our advisors on 020-8543-5228.

*subject to line survey